Jointly sponsored by Bentley and Bonhams

Sunday 5th September 2010

In support of the charity shelterbox

The Knutsford Great Race is a totally unique event held once every ten years, featuring Original Dandy Horse Machines, Bone-Shakers and Penny Farthing Cycles dating from the middle of the 19th Century. You will not see anything else like this, with riders from all over the world entering. We have received entries from New Zealand, Germany, The USA, Austraiia, The Czech Republic, Ireland, Scotland and England. including the likes of World circumnavigator Joff Somerfield.

Having now reached 50 teams, further race entries are now suspended. We are only accepting reserve list entries – please email or phone for further information.

If for any reason you or you know of riders who have entered the race, and for whatever reason, are no longer wanting or able to take part in the race please do let us know so that we can look to include entrants off the reserve list?