The Main Event – The Knutsford Great Race 2010

3 HOUR “HIGH WHEEL RACE” Only Run Every 10 Years

Is to be an Open Invitation Event for Penny Farthing ( Ordinary or High Wheel) Cycles consisting of a maximum of 50 teams,whether a solo rider or a combined team of up to 4 riders.
The winning team,will be the team that completes the most complete circuits of the one kilometre Moorside Circuit,within the three hours from 2.00pm – 5.00pm, as decided by the Chief Race Marshall
A riding team may consist of between one and up to a maximum of four riders. Each team will be riding a Penny Farthing Cycle, reproduction machines will be allowed.
The riding team may have a small team of mechanics and support staff.

Will the solo riders be able to pace themselves over the three hours and take advantage of the team riders pit stops and rider change overs?