Sponsorship packages

Penny farthingA Rare Opportunity to get Involved in this Rare, Unique and Historic Event

The 2000 event was covered by ……SKY Television…..see U Tube film


IN SUPPORT OF THE CHARITY – www.shelterbox.org.uk

But there will be many other Sponsorship, Promotional and Advertising Opportunities.

We are aiming at providing an enjoyable, unique experience for everyone who takes part and attends this marvelous occasion.
All net proceeds raised will be donated to support www.shelterbox.org.
Giving you the opportunity of being associated with this quality social event as well as a link with the charity, www.shelterbox.org.uk. Which is of growing importance in a world that has become beset by global warming major natural catastrophes.

We will be looking to maximise media coverage leading up to the event and for the event itself.